I dedicate all my words to those from my past who want me to stop talking.

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I used to be a good girl, otherwise known as a girl who only had nice things to say about the men around her and if she didn’t have anything nice to say then she better keep that shit to herself.

I also was a tomboy, backyard pool diving champion…

The physical distance you put between is no match for their determination to hurt you

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In a normal divorce or separation, “normal” meaning two emotionally healthy people involved in the breakup, each party makes the attempt to pick up the pieces, heal their heartbreak, and move forward toward a better life.

Although I hate this phrase with every bone in my body, when two emotionally…

Fall 2021 Contest Finalist

A year of bullies, fainting, and too much roughage

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“She eats too much roughage,” the doctor told my mother. My midnight stomachaches had persisted over a long enough period of time to necessitate medical intervention.

“You know,” the white-haired man continued, “salad — it’s too much fiber. She needs to cut back on fruits and vegetables.” He peered over…

Spoiler alert: There is no upside

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Living with a narcissist plays out like a bad drug commercial:

Side effects may include anxiety, confusion, depression, body aches, nausea, digestive problems, panic attacks, insomnia, fatigue, personality changes, brain fog, low self-esteem, mental instability, personality changes, suicidal thoughts, Complex PTSD…

The reason is actually quite simple: Anytime you put…

Suzanna Quintana

Founder of The Narcissist Relationship Recovery Program * B.A. Women & Gender Studies * B.A. History * Abuse Recovery Coach * www.suzannaquintana.com

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