I have three children with my ex who is a clinically diagnosed narcissist. My older two sons haven't spoken to their father in years because they saw right through him and decided to no longer accept his toxic behavior in their lives. Because of that, my ex has for years told me I've brainwashed our sons and that's why they don't want a relationship. Our youngest son who is 17 is the only one he still has contact with and who has always been the "golden child". I believe strongly that my youngest son has been the one most negatively affected by his father's emotional abuse simply because he's been caught in his father's web since he was very young. All I can do is continue to love him through it and let him figure his relationship with his father out on his own while supporting him as best I can. But truth be told, it absolutely sucks to have a narcissistic ex because of all the pain my children have had to endure at his hands.

Thank you for this article and for bringing much needed awareness to narcissists as parents.

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